Norway Trains

Trains in Norway are one of the most popular means of transport not only among the locals but the tourists too. Choose your route and begin your Norway journey.
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Norwegian Railway

Train Stations

Norwegian railway stations are renowned for offering exceptional comfort and convenience to passengers. Embark on an exciting journey and experience the best that Norwegian trains have to offer!

Popular Routes

Seeking a new adventure in Norway? Explore some of the most popular train routes the country has to offer and conveniently book your tickets online today!

Trains in Norway

Traveling aboard the Norway train is a testament to comfort and convenience, allowing you to maximize the enjoyment of your journey.

Train stations in Norway

Since railway in Norway is lengthy, there are many rail stations for the convenience of travelers. However, one of the more popular starting points for a Norwegian railway adventure is in the capital city Oslo.

Many of the Norway routes start with a train leaving the country's largest station - Oslo Central Railway Station. Thus, take a virtual stroll around the station by watching the video on the left and learn how you could be spending your time before departure.

Trains in Norway

Majority of trains in Norway are ran by two operators SJ and Vy trains. The actual trains are categorized depending on their maximum speed, route and departure time. You could choose from sightseeing, regional, comfort night, intercity, express and high-speed trains when planning your journey. Discover the best option for your travel plans!

Norwegian rail routes

Norwegian railway system is well-developed and easy to navigate for travelers coming from abroad. Every route is a scenic adventure with some being so picturesque that you don't want the train to reach its terminal station. Travelers coming to Norway have a choice of international (Oslo - Stockholm, Oslo - Gothenburg, etc. ), domestic (Oslo - Flam, Bergen - Oslo, Oslo - Myrdal), and especially scenic routes (world-famous Flamsbana Railway anyone?) when planning their rail journeys.
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Popular Norwegian Train Routes

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