Norway Railway Map

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Norway Trains Map

The length of Norwegian railway system is 4.087km. Out of it 2.662km is electrified and 64 km adapted for high-speed train travel. The biggest saturation of railway tracks is located in the south of the country.

Most popular operational Norwegian lines are:

  • Bergen
  • ​Flam
  • Bratsberg
  • Dovre
  • Drammen
  • Gardermoen
  • ​etc.

Operational museum railway lines:

  • Kroder
  • Setesdal
  • Urskog-Holand
  • Thamshavn
  • Rjukan
  • Valdres
  • etc.


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Types of trains in Norway

Regular Trains

Most popular train in Norway - regional VY (NSB) train, operated by Norwegian State Railways.

Scenic Trains

Destination doesn't matter as much as the journey itself when you board the scenic Flamsbana or Arctic Circle trains.

High-Speed Trains

Connecting the capitals of Sweden and Norway, the fastest train on Scandinavian rail - high-speed SJ train.