Trains of Norway

Note: National Railway company has recently renamed from NSB to Vy, due to a merge.

Some trains are still marked with NSB logo.

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Types of trains in Norway

Regular Trains

Most popular train in Norway - regional VY (NSB) train, operated by Norwegian State Railways.

Scenic Trains

Destination doesn't matter as much as the journey itself when you board the scenic Flamsbana or Arctic Circle trains.

High-Speed Trains

Connecting the capitals of Sweden and Norway, the fastest train on Scandinavian rail - high-speed SJ train.

Regular Trains: Vy (NSB)

Regular trains are operated by the national railway carrier and can be categorized into three types - Inter-City, Regional, and Commuter.

Inter-City trains are electric passenger trains running 4-times per day on Bergen, Dovre, Sørland lines and offer high standards of comfort for travelers.

Regional trains run hourly on the Trunk, Vestfold and Østfold lines. The comfort provided is just as high as onboard of the Inter-City trains. ​

​Commuter trains run on many lines connected with Arendal, Bergen, Oslo, Skien, Stavanger and Trondheim Norwegian cities. Commuter trains operate hourly or semi-hourly.\
Traveling by train is one of the safest and most environmentally friendly ways to travel, and now you can do it in style.

​Enjoy the opportunity to experience some of the best scenery in Scandinavia while enjoying a comfortable journey along one of the most modern and safest railways anywhere!

Sightseeing Trains: Flamsbana

Are you ready for 20.2 kilometers of breathtaking views? The Flåm Line, or as Norwegians call it - Flamsbana is a rail journey to remember. The branch line of Bergen railway connecting Myrdal and Flam, offers tourists the most enjoyable hour riding a local train in Norway.
Besides Flamsbana rail routes, there are plenty of other exciting rail journeys that you can embark on. Most popular ones include:
  • Dovre Railway
  • Rauma line passing Trollveggen wall
  • Approaching Haugastol
  • Bridge on the Rauma line
  • Winter on the Bergen Line
  • Arctic Nordland Line in Winter time
Experience a way of total comfort - set on the Flamsbana train! Relax and admire Scandinavian views during your journey. You can read a book, enjoy a cup of fragrant coffee, or watch a favorite movie. All train amenities allow you to get the most out of your trip!

​​Moreover, you can take a night train and dive deep into an unforgettable experience - ride through the Polar night on a high-speed Flamsbana train!

High-Speed Trains: SJ

If you are looking for the fastest way to travel in Norway and the whole Scandinavia, look no further than SJ High-speed train. ​These bullet trains are quick and modern, operating on routes connecting Norwegian capital to Stockholm and Gothenburg alongside main routes in Sweden.

The higher speed trains can be divided into two classes - SJ X2 (also known as X 2000) and SJ X55 (SJ 3000). They are both painted grey and have similar amenities. However, the SJ X2 was constructed in 1990, ten years before the other SJ high-speed train was introduced and is awaiting modernisation.

​Norwegians are proud of their country's railway system, which has been operating for over 150 years and is now one of the most modern networks in Europe.

​Take a train journey through Norway - from Oslo to Bergen or Flam, or to any other stunning destination stopping off at some of the country's most magnificent waterfalls and scenic viewpoints as you go. See majestic mountains, glaciers, moors and fjords along the way.

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