Bergen to Stockholm High-Speed Train

Start exploring Scandinavia on a high-speed Bergen to Stockholm train! Dive deep into these two abodes of Scandinavian heritage, and get the most from your train trip. Free Wi-Fi, spacious seats, friendly staff, and modern amenities - it's all about Norway trains! Enjoy the views of fjords, authentic red villages, and cozy towns. Moreover, you're welcome to choose a night train and spend your journey in total relaxation. Book tickets now and set on a Bergen-Stockholm train trip!
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Bergen to Stockholm Railway Route


​ 720 km

Travel time

Travel time

​​17h 54 min

Trains per day

Daily Departures


Bergen to Stockholm Railway Map

Traveling by train between Scandinavian cities is one of the most popular and convenient ways. Journeys boasting picturesque landscapes or untouched nature are enjoyable. In addition to natural beauty, Vy trains and Sj trains are modern and comfortable.

If you are planning a trip from Bergen to Stockholm, keep in mind that one of the most exciting ways to travel is by taking a high-speed train.
However, there is no direct train from Bergen to Stockholm, but you can easily reach your destination by stopping at Oslo. Simply, your journey is operated by Vy trains, and it starts at Bergen Central Station and runs to Oslo Central Station. There you quickly catch the SJ train running to Stockholm Central Station.
Even if a trip from Bergen to Stockholm takes 17 hours 54 min, it's truly magnificent. First of all, the train journey from Bergen to Oslo is considered one of the most scenic trips. Second, the train from Oslo to Stockholm is quite impressive too. Both trains run through vast forests and fields, giant fjords, blue lakes, rivers, and waterfalls.

Bergen to Stockholm Train Details

The following information about train stations will help you plan your journey smoothly from Bergen to Stockholm

Bergen Central Station
​Address:  5015 Bergen, Norway

Arriving at

Stockholm Centralstationen (Stockholm C)
Address: Centralplan 15, 11120, Stockholm, Sweden

Train Class Features

  • 1
    Business class
    • Wide seats with more legroom
    • Coffee, and tea service
    • Complimentary newspapers
    • Wi-Fi & power sockets
    • Food & drink available at the restaurant car
  • 2
    Economy class
    • Comfortable seating with fixed or folding tables
    • Luggage racks & overhead shelves
    • Food & drink available at the restaurant car
    • Wi-Fi & power sockets
  • 3
    • Youngsters (up to 25 years old) are eligible for 15% discount
    • Infants (up to 1 year old) travel for free without seats. You can reserve a seat using the youngsters discount.

FAQ: What to Know About Bergen - Stockholm Train

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